The Shit No One Tells You About Raising Kids + Running A Company

Jan 28, 2020 | The Shit No One Tells You

As if raising kids wasn’t hard enough, Lauren also runs a multi-million-pound company. As much as you may imagine her in designer suits and heels bossing staff around, the reality isn’t quite as sharp. Stay tuned for her account of the ultimate mum-bossing.

This is a guest post, written by an author who has chosen to feature on EatWeepMumRepeat, and not Lex (the usual blogger). 

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Lauren is the Director of a multi-million-pound healthcare business that she recently put out for investment. She works full time as well as raising three children… and she has just as many hours in the day as anyone else! 

“I’m the Owner of Opus Biological, a stem cell clinic in the UK specialising in healthcare services for high-profile and high net worth clients. To say that my business is a full-time job would be an understatement, and any parent understands that raising children is too. I have three and raising them all to be decent human beings alongside my job is indescribably hectic. I’m no Super Woman, and I’m not unique in my situation – but there’s definitely lots of things that I wish I knew before I jumped in feet first!

Mothers in big business aren’t suit-wearing sharks who clock back in two weeks after giving birth and hand off their kids to nannies without a second thought. There’s a lot more to it than that… more’s the pity!

A disproportionate amount of people at work will see fit to ask you where your children are.

Yeah, this comes up a lot. Somehow seeing a woman in a high-profile professional role sparks this question considerably more than it ever seems to come up to men! I have a million and one sarcastic retorts at the tip of my tongue to answer this with (“don’t worry, the dog’s in charge!” “oh, at home… the neighbours know to call 999 if they spot smoke” and “well, I’ve sent them Domino’s for dinner”) but of course it’s not always appropriate to drop these into conversation with clients. Oh well. 

Working full-time and raising kids requires a very level head and skin of leather. It really isn’t just the ‘done thing’ or the right thing for everyone!

…oh, and I possess neither! Aside from being a mother and company director, I’m a cook, cleaner, teacher, driver, counsellor, coach. I have mum guilt at home and imposter syndrome at work. It’s a recipe for disaster, but I get through it by reminding myself constantly that I’m doing what I am in order to provide security for my children. I want them to be happy whatever they choose to do in their lives, and I’m aiming to facilitate that.

The sleep deprivation basically never ends.

Those nights when you’re woken at 3am by a random thought of an email you forget to send? I get those. Those mornings when your little darling decides to get up for the day at 4am? I get those. Those dreams where you’ve walked into a high level super confidential meeting with a billionaire… naked? I get those. There’s a better awareness of self-care for mothers now more than ever, but a good night’s sleep is still a luxury to me. Unless you’re very good at ‘leaving your work at the door’ (which is not really a ‘thing’ for business owners), your brain will usually be full of far too much to switch off; even when you want it to.

I’m still not rich!

Running a multi-million-pound business sadly doesn’t mean I have millions of pounds. I don’t live in a palace, I don’t have staff and my wardrobe is not the designer walk-in number I’d imagined as a child. Yet. Haha!

Your post-baby body hang-ups don’t wait at the office door.

I don’t know if I’d ever imagined myself as being some kind of super confident businesswoman who would be able to strut about like a catwalk model once I got back to work, but it certainly wasn’t – and isn’t – the case. On a conference in Madrid I had finally talked myself into wearing a bikini for the first time in literal years – something that took a fair amount of mental coaching given that I’ve had three emergency c-sections for three large babies over the last few years. My swimming costume was at least two sizes too big for me by the time I got back in it, but I felt secure in the hotel pool and even managed to walk in front of people wearing it to get to the jacuzzi. As fate would have it, within minutes of my relaxing into the bubbles, two male board members from my company showed up and wanted to talk shop right there and then. It took a LOT of effort to stop my boobs from literally jiggling out of my costume in the bubble waves in front of them and I was mortified. Needless to say, I’ve never worn it since. 

There’s no compromise: everything has to fit in.

At work, I’m not just the owner: I make the tea, do the books, mop the floor, manage the clients and promote the business. At home, I’m not just Mum: I wipe the tears, help with (ha, sometimes DO) the homework, make endless amounts of fish finger sandwiches and attempt to keep the household in a presentable order. I went into this life knowing it would be a balancing act, but in reality, there’s so much balancing I couldn’t have imagined it. I juggle a hundred balls while spinning a hundred plates and occasionally, one falls. 

Maybe I thrive on busy-ness, maybe I’m just insane. But I’m proud of my work and how far I’ve come, as well as how brilliant my kids are turning out to be. This is my family’s normal and it’s mad but… it’s ours.”