I’m Lex, I’m 33, and I’m a first-time Mum. I wasn’t expecting to ever have a baby and so my journey into motherhood isn’t atypical! I live in Norwich with my partner Matt, son Ramsay and Staffordshire Bull Toddler Elle.

My Blog

My blog is full of my thoughts, opinions and experiences. All my writing is my own and I’m only able to write on my own experiences. I’m not a medical professional or early years worker, so if you need specific advice, seek out them!

My Attitude

I don’t sugarcoat pregnancy, birth or parenting, and I won’t glamourise the tough parts. It’s no walk in the park! I use bad language in my writing so if you don’t like that, no hard feelings, but this probably ain’t the read for you.

Eat Weep Mum Repeat is a no-bullshit, honest parenting website documenting both my experiences and those of others. It’s not all cute babygros and co-ordinated nurseries, so buckle up. Posts contain trigger warnings where necessary and 99% of them have adult language.

If you’d like to contribute to the site with your own story, get in touch by emailing me at [email protected]